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Group 12 - Prototype WIP

Group Members:

- Daniel Pokladek

- Jamie Gostling 

- Kiril Kostadinov

- Daniel Smith

This is a very early prototype of the game, its showing the core mechanics that will be used in the final game

This game is a turn-based PvP game, where player's main goal is to destroy the opponent's core. Each wooden block that surrounds the core has three lives, meaning it needs to be hit three times by the projectile before it is destroyed. Each core has 10 lives, in order to win player needs to hit opponent's core 10 times. At this moment the structures around the core are very simple to test the mechanics, and will be improved further in development.


When the player hits the Start Game button, the game will instantly jump into the game scene; the game will count down to 0 and start first player's turn. Once the text disappears from the screen, player can click on the screen to select the angle at which they want to shoot the projectile; once desired angle has been selected the players need to press "Space" to fire the projectile. Once projectile has been fired, the turn will end, and it will go to the next player's turn. 

Install instructions

Download the zip file and unzip it to desktop. Inside the Group 12 there is a folder with the current build, you can extract the folder to desktop. Once extracted inside the build folder you can find the "Group 12 Prototype.exe", run this to start the game. Enjoy!

At this moment there is no pause menu, so the players can't pause and exit the game. The only way to close it is to play in windowed mode and close the window or ALT+F4 the game.


Windows Build 14 MB

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